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Is Goldstone a Healing Crystal?

blue goldstone tumbled stones on a round white ceramic dish

11 Interesting Facts About Goldstone

1. Goldstone is glass filled with crystallised copper.  Most of this pretty decorative material is manufactured in China.

2. Prior to being called 'goldstone' this material was known as aventurine glass.  

3. It's believed the mineral aventurine was named after aventurine glass because of the way light reflects off minute inclusions within the stone.

4. The widely shared story about goldstone being discovered accidentally by glass making monks in Venice is a myth.

5. Goldstone is believed to have been discovered by Italian physicist and astronomer Vincenzo Miotti.  He was born near Venice in 1712.

6. The most common type of goldstone has orange-brown colour.  The glass used to produce this material is colourless.  The colour comes from the crystallised copper

7. Blue goldstone is produced using coloured glass.  The copper is replaced with cobalt.  Green goldstone although rare uses specs of chromium.  The glass is also coloured. 

8. Although sometimes used as a healing crystal goldstone is man-made.  The only natural element is the crystallised copper.

9. When used for its healing properties goldstone is said to have a revitalising effect on the mind and body. It's believed to improve circulation (probably because of the copper) and supports tissue regeneration. 

10. Goldstone 'twinkles' as light reflects off the crystallised metallic inclusions.  This optical effect is best seen in ambient light.

11. The quality of sparkle is more impressive when the crystals grow larger.  If the molten glass cools too quickly they'll remain relatively small.
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