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Black hat with the letters S E O on the front. Embedded in an article about black hat search engine optimisation services



1. Catching Up with a Cowboy
2. Obsessed with Fake Reviews
3. 5 Years to Get my Money Back
4. Goodbye to Bad Rubbish




Catching Up with a Cowboy

Following on from my previous two articles about UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions formerly SEOJuice a search engine optimisation company in Sydney Australia, having suddenly remembered on the afternoon of New Year's Eve 2017 that this company still hadn't refunded a penny of my money I was curious to see what they were up to nowadays.  It had been five years since I had signed up with them and after almost seven months of working on my website I was slapped with a penalty notice by Google because of their black hat search engine optimisation techniques.  Despite their repeated guarantees of page one ranking or your money back and if page one ranking is not achieved we'll work for free, I was told the offers were not applicable to me because I signed up directly through their own website.  Having paid this cowboy almost $3000 I wanted my entire investment back.


Having Googled SEOJuice I discovered they were now also using the name UpWeb SEO or UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions and had created a second website at  A chatbox then appeared and I was invited to chat with them about their services.  To my surprise just a minute later and I was talking to Dave Adamson founder and primary employee of this search engine optimisation company but as soon as he realised who it was he was talking to the chat was closed and I was blocked.  This fraudster clearly wasn't happy that I had re-appeared out of the blue after so long.  Not one to give up easily I decided to take advantage of the free website audit they were offering on their homepage and as requested entered my details. Well kind of.



screenshot of a free seo site audit box on the website of UpWeb S E O



It was 4 pm on 31st December 2017 or 3am in Australia on the 1st January 2018.  Quite why that's relevant will soon become clear.

Whilst looking for something in my spam file on 19th January 2018 I noticed an email from Dave Adamson which was in response to the free SEO website audit that I'd requested.  Quite ironic really that it went straight to my spam file.  Clearly as soon as anyone enters their website address into this field the company receives an alert. Dave's reply can be seen below.



email from the company upweb S E O.



Now on any other day of the year there wouldn’t be too much of a reason to be suspicious but this cunning fraudster was telling me that at 07.48 (local time Australia) on New Year’s Day it had been brought to his attention by one of his staff that I had been trying to contact him.  Don't be fooled, this is a company that's run by Dave Adamson with some help from his wife and although he states on his website there are two other members of the team, they're freelancers who work for him as and when required.  It should be noted that this guy is unable to tell the truth which I have proved time and time again throughout my blog about my shambolic experience with his company.  I don't want to bring undue attention to these two "members of staff" but a quick search on LinkedIn confirms without a doubt that neither are employees of UpWeb or SEOJuice.  With that in mind, this cowboy expects me to believe that although on holiday with his family at the time I requested a free site audit, one of "his staff" contacted him to say I was trying to get in touch.  In the highly unlikely event that were to be true, they could only have done that between 02:40 and 07:48 local time on New Year's Eve/Day.

Clearly Dave Adamson thinks I'm stupid.  He's obviously forgotten that having responded to his invitation to chat with him about their search optimisation services he ended the chat and blocked me as soon as he realised who it was he was talking to.



chat box with an invitation to chat on the website of UpWeb S E O


chat box with a message saying this webchat has been closed. On the website of UpWeb S E O.



It should also be remembered that wasn't the end of it, as well as blocking me to ensure I could no longer use the chat facility, was taken offline and followed shortly afterwards.  My IP address was then blocked to prevent me from accessing either website.



Obsessed with Fake Reviews

As if further proof is needed to confirm what kind of a person Dave Adamson is, I found an interesting video on YouTube about UpWeb SEO from another happy customer who was so delighted with the results of the work carried out by this black hat search engine optimisation company that instead of simply writing a review, he recorded a lengthy video testimonial.  Ahhh what a very nice chap.  Thing is, it was uploaded to YouTube in April 2011 which is just three months after SEOJuice was formed.  Considering Mr Williams says this Australian SEO company have been working for him for the last six months, something doesn't add up.  I've included a screenshot of the comment that I left about the video review because I fully expected it to be deleted which of course it was.



man on a youtube video talking about the company Upweb S E O



text comment left in response to a fake video review on you tube.



Once deleted the only comment which remained can be seen below and was left by Yada Yada Marketing and is repeated on their own website.



complimentary comment about a company who posted a video review on you tube.



There's another reason why I believed this review to be phoney.  Putting my Sherlock Holmes cap on I noticed how professional the background is in Mr Williams' testimonial so he's really gone to great lengths to ensure the presentation from his office in Birmingham in the UK is truly professional.  Why does it matter where he's recording the video from I hear you ask and why am I even mentioning it unless of course, he's not really in Birmingham at all but is instead in Australia.  Why do I say that?  Take a look at another video that I found on YouTube of Dave Adamson, this one was posted on May 24th 2012 just six months before I signed up to one of his black hat search engine optimisation packages.  I'm assuming it was recorded from his office which is his home in Springwood, Australia but how strange, the background in the video is almost identical to the one used by Mr Williams who was in his office on the other side of the world in Birmingham in the UK.  The only difference seems to be the lighting.  What a coincidence.



dave adamson of upweb S E O doing a presentation on you tube.



With a little more digging I discovered the video was also uploaded to the website of YadaYada Marketing who are based in Tampa in Florida and they state the testimonial is regarding a great SEO service that they've been using which achieved "awesome results".  That's pretty strange coming from a digital marketing company who themselves offer search engine optimisation services.



Head of a man talking to the camera. Screenshot of a video presentation taken from you tube.



screenshot from the website of YadaYada Marketing with text that says search engine optimisation



Five Years to Get my Money Back from UpWeb SEO

Having replied to Dave's email in which he said he would refund my money, I waited patiently to see what happened next. 

On the morning of 23rd January 2018 I finally received a refund for the black hat SEO work that had been carried out by UpWeb on my website.  Unsurprisingly however Dave Adamson further confirmed his lack of integrity.  Not only had he charged me the fee for the PayPal transaction to refund of my money but it was also $129.90 short and I wasn't going to let this fraudster get away without paying every penny that he owed.

When you run your own business mistakes are sometimes inevitable but when they occur, you should always be open and honest and try to put things right.  With that mentality you'll preserve your reputation and your conscience will always be clear.  Additionally one would hope that lessons be learned from the mistakes in order to move on but Dave Adamson founder of SEOJuice, UpWeb SEO or UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions doesn't operate in that way and instead continues to con and deceive customers at every opportunity. 

Having contacted him again regarding the PayPal fee and outstanding amount of money he then refunded me in full.  What a shame it took five years almost to the day for him to do that.



The only thing you can kiss goodbye to when using this search engine optimisation company is your business.



screenshot of a large promo for search engine optimisation that was posted in a forum



The following forum post was written over twelve months after I terminated my contract with SEOJuice.  According to this cowboy's own personal Facebook page his company was established in 2011 yet when this post was submitted in 2014 he says they've been around for the past five years.  On their latest website he says the company was formed in 2010 and has since "grown into one of the most desirable digital marketing solutions out there".  I actually find it quite sad that someone who's trying to make a business for himself just doesn't understand the importance of being open and honest.

Despite masquerading as a large and successful SEO company the amount of traffic they receive to all three of their websites tells a very different story.  They now have, and  



screenshot of a post on Facebook that's touting for business



Goodbye to Bad Rubbish

Since refunding me in full Dave Adamson has said the following:

“We employed some very low quality link building services at the time and outsourced some of our work to less than desirable places which was obviously detrimental to your business and mine.”

There was no apology of any kind in his entire email.  

My gripe with this company is not just about some poor decisions they made, it's also about the barrage of lies which started the second I got in touch with them and which have continued ever since.  Every single aspect of the way this business is run is dishonest from the phoney guarantees of page one ranking or your money back to all the glowing reviews written and recorded by apparent satisfied customers.

They even lied in their response to a review that I wrote about them on a review website and claimed I had been a problematic customer who had lashed out at them in 2013 and much of what I had said has been blown out of all proportion.  Nothing about this shambolic company is honest and nobody wants to deal with someone who is not able to tell the truth and cannot even apologise when things don't go to plan. 

Having seen all the glowing reviews and feedback about their SEO services I was fooled into believing this was a reputable and trustworthy company which sadly almost cost me my business.  I don't believe that Dave Adamson will ever truly understand the importance of being honest and upfront.  Being a one-man band or new startup is nothing to be ashamed of, we all have to start somewhere but pretending you're well established and can offer expertise in your field when you've just started out is far from acceptable. 



large office building with UpWeb Reviews written across the centre of the image



Of course Dave wants me to remove my blog and had he not dragged the matter out for five years and been so dishonest and deceitful, I may well have considered it.  In his final email to me Dave Adamson asked the following;

“.......are you possibly able to remove those reviews?  Otherwise, please let me know if you have any further concerns that I can assist with.”

Sorry Dave the answer is no, I cannot remove the reviews and I have no further concerns.



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