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1. Exposing a Crook
2. Dave Adamson Running Scared
3. A Leopard Never Changes it Spots




Exposing a Crook

Following on from my first article about SEOJuice who on 10th February 2016 also became known as UpWeb SEO and who have now changed their named again to UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions, part two shows that despite farming work on my website out to a company in India who built thousand of spammy backlinks, this cowboy company still hadn't learnt their lesson.  I was determined to get every penny back that I'd paid to them but Dave Adamson wasn't going to give up without a fight.  Having blogged in great detail about the work that SEOJuice carried out on my website and included screenshots of his phoney promotional material along with correspondence that had been exchanged between us, he was understandably a little upset.  The last thing a fraudster wants is to be exposed.  This was someone who at the time had been working from home for just a couple of years running a search engine optimisation business with occasional help from his fiance so when I received the following email from their "human resources department" I almost fell off my chair.


email talking about a phoney copyright violation. Sent by S E O Juice 


The email in its original format was too small to be read when uploaded to this blog and too large to screenshot so I have rewritten it so that it can be read.  The screenshot below is a snippet from the original just to prove that it is genuine.  When dealing with someone as dishonest as Dave Adamson you have to cover your tracks.


 part of an email sent by S E O Juice regarding copyright violation



And my reply:



email sent to S E O Juice.



As weeks and months passed by I heard nothing more but the phoney promotions touting for business in the Warrior Forum continued.  I had been working flat out to get my website back on track after all the damage that had been caused by Dave Adamson and his black hat SEO but a sudden bereavement in my family meant the next few years were particularly challenging hence pursuing a refund from SEOJuice / UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions was no longer my priority.  The search engine optimisation that I was carrying out on my website was slowly paying off and the penalty notice from Google eventually disappeared.

One day in September 2016 almost three years to the day since my last contact with Dave Adamson I received notification that a review I'd written about his search engine optimisation services had received a comment.  It was further confirmation that this was one fraudster who had no intention of becoming an honest and trustworthy businessman any time soon.

The screenshot below is from the review website (no longer available to residents of the UK) and features a reply by "Marc Matherson" to the review that I wrote. 



Long review on the website rip off report about the company S E O Juice.



Following my response I didn't hear another peep from them.  

The following year whilst working on a different article in my blog during the afternoon of New Year's Eve 2017, I suddenly realised for some strange reason that I had never received a single penny back from Dave Adamson.  Curious to see what he was up to nowadays I Googled and found the website had a whole new look but still featured the same old phoney guarantees of page one ranking or your money back.



screenshot of promises and guarantees on the home page of the website of S E O Juice.



Wanting to see what else the company had been up to since my last contact I discovered they had continued posting in the Warrior Forum until October 2014 but had then dropped off the radar completely.  The series of events that took place over the next couple of hours made my last afternoon of 2017 exceptionally entertaining.



Dave Adamson Running Scared

SEOJuice / UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions had always relied heavily on fake customer reviews and used them as part of their promotions and nothing had changed.  On their newly updated website there was a link to which is a business review website in Australia.  Out of the fifty reviews that had been left, one by claireh19 of East Perth caught my attention.  Unlike the other people who had left reviews claireh19 had four reviews to her name whereas everyone else only had one.  Ironically all four had been written on exactly the same day, the first was for a shop, the second a restaurant where she'd spent $35 and the third was for another restaurant where she'd spent $32.  The first two reviews were less than six lines long and the third was ten lines.  Then you have the review that she wrote for UpWeb SEO which was nine long paragraphs or a whopping five hundred and sixty words.  She says she spent $300 with this search engine optimisation company so if she had signed up to their cheapest price plan they would have worked on her website for three months.  Bear in mind that SEO takes about three months before it starts to kick in.  She writes that by the second month her traffic had grown so much that she decided to spend another $20 to promote a further twenty keywords.  According to UpWeb SEO’s price plan, increasing the number of keywords from ten to twenty five would have cost Claireh $100 so not only was she on the cheapest plan but after just two months she had seen such an improvement in ranking and traffic that she was now paying $120 per month or £64 to promote an additional twenty keywords.  What a bargain!



screenshot of pricing information on the website of UpWeb S E O.



Needless to say since leaving her four reviews on the same day in 2013 which was just five months after I terminated my agreement with SEOJuice, claireh19 has not written another review since (up until October 2020).  Call me suspicious but knowing as much about this company as I do, I don't believe for a minute that the review is genuine.  It should be remembered that the last amazing review I found for this company was written by Dave Adamson's fiance who at the time was also sending me my monthly reports from SEOJuice. Having said that there's no shortage of positive reviews on this Australian review website for UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions and every single one gives them five stars.

I think I can say with some degree of certainty that the reason they changed their name to UPWeb SEO was to try and distant themselves from my damaging blog which by this point was appearing just under their own business listing on Google. 



screenshot of a customer satisfaction certificate issued to S E O Juice by an online review website



Whilst looking at the updated version of their website a chat box suddenly appeared and the temptation to respond was overwhelming.  Having typed a reply I fully expected to be told someone would get back to me in due course but to my surprise look what happened next



screenshot of a chat box on the website of S E O Juice with an invitation to start a chat.



As soon as this con man realised who it was he was talking to the chat box was closed and I was immediately blocked.  To be honest, I was amazed that I had even received a response considering it was New Year's Eve or 4am on New Year's Day in Australia.  I felt quite disappointed that Dave didn't feel like chatting so went back to his website to say hello through the "Contact Us" page but instead of seeing their home page, I saw this:



screenshot of a website address with a message underneath saying, this website is down for maintenance



For the second time the founder and primary employee of this black hat search engine optimisation company based in Australia had made me laugh out loud.  I couldn't believe that he had taken the entire website offline because of me.  I tried again just to be sure it wasn't a technical glitch and on the third attempt it became clear that my IP address had indeed been blocked.



screenshot of an access forbidden message for the website of S E O Juice.



I have to assume that me appearing out of the blue hadn't been the start to 2018 that Dave Adamson had been hoping for.

Not only had he registered a second name for his company but he had also built a new website at and just like the first one, it was full of phoney promises and lies about page one ranking or we'll work for free.  There were charts showing dramatic improvements in search engine ranking for keywords they had "apparently" promoted and of course there was no shortage of reviews written by satisfied customers.  The other interesting fact that I noticed was they were targeting companies closer to home instead of touting for business overseas and were also trying to attract small businesses.  Considering their guarantees of page one ranking or your money back that surprised me but then I suppose it's because small businesses are easier to prey on.  



screenshot of a google search result for search engine optimisation company UpWeb S E O



banner which reads hello we are UpWeb S E O.



I was only able to access their new website at for a short time before my IP address was blocked so now couldn't access either of their websites.  Dave was clearly getting stressed and wanted to keep me well away from his company at all costs.  Four years had passed and I had almost completely forgotten about my experience with them yet within a matter of minutes the fire in my belly was raging and I was determined to pursue him once again for the money I had paid.

After writing a negative review on I was asked to provide documentation to prove that I had done business with UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions which I found strange however having supplied copies off all the PayPal payments, I was then told it was too long ago so my review wouldn't be published.



A Leopard Never Changes its Spots

The following screenshot is from the newly launched website of UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions.  Unbelievably he states on this page "you have to be wary of backlinks and how they are sourced because many people create low quality spammy links that cannot easily be removed and these can hurt your website."  The audacity of this guy is just off the scale.  Not only did he tell me in an email to remove the spammy backlinks myself but also said although they wouldn't have much benefit they also wouldn't do much harm.  The text in the section which asks whether their search engine optimisation services are Google safe is unbelievable considering what took place when I was paying them to promote my website. 

Of course I appreciate that Dave may have finally realised that he made a mistake and learnt from what happened but the lies, deceit and refusal to acknowledge that something wasn't right is completely unforgivable.  It should be remembered that he initially denied sourcing work out to India and confirmed repeatedly that all links were built by "native English speakers". 



screenshot of services offered from the website of UpWeb S E O.



Just a few days later and I received a lovely Happy New Year message by email in which SEOJuice who were now trading as UpWeb Digital Marketing Solutions told me they were happy to have me on their team.  There was also an offer of some generous discounts in return for client referrals.  Discounts of 100% and 150% scream of desperation but I suppose that's what happens when you don't play by the rules.



email from the company S E O Juice wishing customers happy new year and offering discounts



Considering I still hadn't received my money back for the black hat search optimisation work that had been carried out by Dave Adamson's company, I started thinking very carefully about my next move.  In the final instalment of my blog you'll see what steps I took and how Dave was still trying to con businesses into believing his services were genuine and that his company was a leader in its field.  It goes without saying of course that there's no end of phoney customer reviews but this time they're live on YouTube and furthermore, you'll also see a presentation about this black hat search engine optimisation company from Mr Adamson himself.

SEOJuice may have changed names but everything else is exactly the same as it always has been.



screenshot of a promo with a guarantee of page one ranking on Google or your money back



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