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Using Amethyst for its Healing Properties

one large and four smaller amethyst geodes

The True Meaning and Properties of Amethyst

The meaning of amethyst goes far beyond its stunning purple colour. For thousands of years this translucent crystal has been used for its metaphysical healing properties.

Amethyst is best known for its ability to induce calmness and deep relaxation. It also supports physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Millions of people around the world use amethyst crystals for healing purposes.  Rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst are the most widely used of all crystals.

The meaning of amethyst comes from the word “amethystos”. The ancient Roman author and natural philosopher Pliny the Elder wrote about the stone in his encyclopaedia. “Naturalis Historia” (Natural History) is the largest work to have survived from the Roman Empire.

Pliny wrote “according to some authorities the word amethystos comes from Greek for “not” and “to intoxicate”. This stems from it being a supposed preservative against inebriety".

When used as a crystal for healing amethyst combats stress, anxiety and is also believed to fight insomnia. It soothes the mind and eases tension. For this reason it’s often used with meditation and other spiritual practices.

Crystal healers recommend placing amethyst around the home to absorb negative energy and to fill the surrounding space with tranquillity.
cluster of distinctive purple coloured amethyst crystals An online search for amethyst returns a huge amount of information regarding the meaning and healing properties of this crystal. In most articles the meaning is associated with calmness, relaxation and spirituality.

Keep reading and you’ll find amethyst can be used for almost anything from helping with fear and anxiety to protection against physical attack.

Some claim it can alleviate pain, help with digestive issues and even stimulate kidney function. The Crystal Bible written by the late Judy Hall states amethyst boosts the production of hormones and strengthens the immune system. She says it reduces bruising, swelling and treats hearing disorders.

So how does this crystal have so many healing properties?

The answer lies in the fact that different cultures and spiritual traditions have assigned different meanings and properties to amethyst based on their own beliefs and experiences.

Many of the stone's healing properties are associated with the colour of the crystal and other visible or physical characteristics.

Purple has long been associated with spirituality, intuition, mysticism and higher consciousness. The shape of an amethyst crystal is believed to amplify energy and promote a sense of calm and balance.

Whilst crystal healing is practiced and enjoyed by millions of people around the world, it’s important to keep in mind there is no scientific evidence to support the ability of crystals to heal.

The healing properties of crystals has been studied extensively by scientists over many years.

What has been discovered is their healing ability comes from the placebo effect. This fascinating phenomenon can be an incredibly powerful tool for mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Many people have reported positive experiences through the use of crystals.  If someone is able to use amethyst or any other crystal to improve mental or physical function that has to be a good thing.

It’s important however to understand the scientific principles underlying the therapeutic effects of crystals.
man in a white t-shirt laying down with a practitioner standing behind him placing crystals on his foreheadThose who practice crystal healing believe crystals and humans have an energy field that's produced by a vibrational frequency.

Different stones are said to vibrate at different frequencies. The crystal's vibration is believed to have the ability to restore equilibrium to the mind, body and spirit.

There is no scientific evidence to support this and scientists argue the energy fields and vibrational frequencies do not exist.

Piezoelectricity is often used to support this belief. Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain crystals to generate an electrical charge. This is achieved through mechanical pressure.

Piezoelectricity is the reason quartz crystals can be used in timepieces.  The electronic circuit sends an electrical current through a small quartz crystal. This causes a vibration at a specific frequency.

The vibrations which occur at regular intervals create an electrical signal that’s used to keep time accurately.

The use of crystals for healing should be embraced so long as it’s approached with an open mind and a healthy dose of scepticism. Making false claims about their healing abilities can lead to financial exploitation and in extreme cases could even be dangerous.

Claims not supported by medical or scientific evidence can lead to people spending large amounts of money purely because they’re desperate to bring about change or find a cure.

Interest in crystal healing is growing faster than ever before. With the rise in popularity comes an abundance of exaggerated and unrealistic claims.

Hundreds of new articles and videos talking about crystals and their healing properties appear every day.

People of all ages and races with no scientific or medical experience are suddenly talking in great depth about the metaphysical healing properties of rocks and minerals.

During the 19th century people travelled around the U.S with "cure-all" remedies that included snake oil. These products were promoted as having “healing properties”. In reality they were nothing more than a placebo.

The rise in the use of crystals for healing is like a modern-day version of the “snake oil salesman”. The main difference however is that for the most part, those promoting this practice are not doing so with malicious intent.

The vast majority who write articles and make videos about healing crystals have a deep-rooted belief in their ability to heal.

In a way this makes it even more dangerous because scientific facts are being repeated inaccurately which leads to misinterpretation.
amethyst geode with translucent purple coloured crystalsThe industry is currently largely unregulated which means anyone can offer services or sell products related to crystal healing without any quality control.

Although this allows for greater freedom and flexibility, it also means there's a risk of unethical behaviour and false claims.

In some cases the retailer simply doesn't have a comprehensive understanding of what they're selling.  I recently found a nicely designed website that was selling some beautiful crystals. 

At the bottom of every product page was a note that said "crystals are made from genuine organic materials.  For this reason some may have minor imperfections."

Crystals in the most part are not organic because they do not contain living matter.  Pearl,coral and petrified wood are organic. Petrified wood because it was once a living tree, pearl because it came from a living organism and coral because it's produced by marine organisms.

This same business went into great detail about the healing properties of various crystals.

The Rise in Popularity of Healing with Crystals

It’s generally believed the rise in popularity of crystals is related to the decline of religion in many parts of the world.

Whilst practices like meditation, yoga and acupuncture have been widely used for thousands of years in the East, they're only now gaining popularity in the West. Crystal healing has emerged as one of the most popular of these alternative therapies.

The reason for its growth is likely to have come about as people look for new ways to connect with themselves, others and the wider universe. It’s also an opportunity to try a more holistic approach to drugs and medical treatments.

The popularity of crystals identifies the basic human need for meaning, connection and wellness.

There is no conclusive medical or scientific evidence to support the ability of crystals to heal.

The healing properties of amethyst and many other crystals is highly personal and subjective. Different people may experience different benefits based on their own beliefs, experiences and intentions.

Amethyst can be used in many different ways for its healing properties.  The practice must always be approached with an open mind.

Crystals are beautiful naturally occurring materials that can be enjoyed by everyone.  Regardless of the intended use an amethyst crystal can bring immense pleasure and fulfilment for a variety of reasons. 

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