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tiffany stone gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silverTiffany Stone Pendant | Stone Mania
tiffany stone gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
tiffany stone gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
tiffany stone gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Tiffany Stone Pendant

Price: £23.39
Old Price:£38.99
Product Code: CHTS



Striking Tiffany Stone pendant crafted for Stone Mania in fine sterling silver, this piece has been added to our Bargain Basement because there is a minor polishing issue at the top of the setting just to the left of the bale.  There is also a very small indentation in the top centre section of the cabochon which should and could have been polished out. Although this indentation is minute and hardly visible, it does appear to be more prominent in our photo because of the crossover of colours and the pattern in this section of the stone.

We don't believe either of these anomalies spoil this rare and colourful gemstone but nonetheless, it is being offered at a knockdown price.

Tiffany Stone which is a rock not a mineral is relatively rare and comes from one specific location in Western Utah but the area is now permanently closed hence supplies are running out. Markings are unique to each piece and the colours are believed to be caused in part by impurities of quartz and the mineral fluorite

It's worth noting that Tiffany Stone is relatively soft so needs to be handled carefully. It is sometimes referred to as bertrandite which is not accurate because although bertrandite is present in Tiffany Stone, the two materials are not the same.

Weight (grams): 21
Size (cms): 4.1 x 3.3 x 0.7




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