rhodochrosite ladies pendant crafted in sterling silverRhodochrosite Pendant | Stone Mania
rhodochrosite ladies pendant crafted in sterling silver
rhodochrosite ladies pendant crafted in sterling silver
rhodochrosite ladies pendant crafted in sterling silver

Rhodochrosite Pendant

Price: £18.99
Old Price:£46.99
Discount £-9.20
Product Code: VPRH



Highly polished rhodochrosite gemstone pendant with a wonderful pinky-red colour and exemplary markings.  This carefully selected cabochon has been crafted as a ladies pendant in a fine sterling silver setting but unfortunately it had to be reduced because the ring at the top of the pendant to which the bale is attached, is further over to the right that it should be.  Although off-centre it doesn't really affect the way the pendant hangs so instead of having it re-made which would likely damage the gemstone, we decided to offer it at a significantly reduced price.

The sterling silver settings for our ladies gemstone pendants are not machine manufactured and are instead crafted by hand by a small team of artisans with whom Stone Mania have been working for almost twenty years.  Considering the number of gemstone pendants that we have crafted for us each year, only a very small percentage end up with imperfections.

Our Bargain Basement is a great place to shop for those who are not too bothered about minor imperfections.  It's important to add that should you not be completely satisfied with this rhodochrosite pendant or any other item that you purchase from Stone Mania, it may be returned for a full refund (T&C's apply).

Please Note: The figure adjacent to the word "discount" is an additional discount on top of the 40% which our system calculates automatically on all items in the Bargain Basement.  

Weight (grams): 21
Size (cms): 4.1 x 3.2 x. 0.7




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