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Black Tigers Eye ladies gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silverBlack Tigers Eye Pendant | Stone Mania
Black Tigers Eye ladies gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
Black Tigers Eye ladies gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
Black Tigers Eye ladies gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Black Tigers Eye Pendant

Price: £25.79
Old Price:£42.99
Product Code: BLTY



Black tigers eye is a variety of tigers eye which has been heated to produce a subtle blackened appearance within the stone. The amount of black colouration changes depending on the angle from which the gemstone is viewed and the reason for this is because of an optical phenomenon known as chatoyancy. As light reflects off the fibres in stone, its colour and patterns seem to shimmer and change but this can only really be seen as it's gently moved back and forth whilst holding it under sufficient light.

When looking head-on at this black tigers eye pendant there appears to be minimal black colouration on the left side of the cabochon but as it's tilted backwards, that changes and the stone becomes considerably darker. Slight chatoyancy can also be seen in other parts of the gemstone but there's no colour change.

Highly polished and crafted for Stone Mania in a fine sterling silver setting, this slightly chunkier black tigers eye pendant has been added to our Bargain Basement because the top of the gemstone slopes down slightly to one side but this is very subtle and can only really be seen when the pendant is being held horizontally up at eye level.

The gemstone pendants in our collection are crafted for us by a small team of talented artisans and we have thousands of pieces made for us each year. Occasionally a small number fail to meet the standards that we require for each piece and instead of having them re-made, we prefer to offer them for sale at a significantly reduced price. That said, as with any product that you purchase from Stone Mania should you not be entirely satisfied with this black tigers eye pendant, it may be returned for a full refund (T&C's apply).

Weight (grams): 21.4
Size (cms): 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.5




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