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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Stone Mania, the place to shop online for people who love crystals, rocks and minerals.  The Articles & Photos section of our website features a great collection of carefully researched articles that have been written in plain English and include links to many of our favourite resources.  Many of the photographs have been taken by us during our travels around the world.  Whilst shopping online if you need help just get in touch, someone is always be available.  Our website is user friendly and making a purchase couldn't be easier.  The rocks, minerals and healing crystals in our collection have all been meticulously chosen, carefully photographed and are competitively priced.  We offer three secure payment methods, several options for delivery and a no quibble 30 day returns policy.  We're environmentally friendly so try to use recycled packaging wherever possible.  Our aim is for customers to have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience from start to finish and regular feedback helps us to maintain high standards of service.

Stone Mania began trading in 2002 and our website was launched a year later at a time when shopping online was still in its infancy.  We've come a long way since then and our rocks, minerals and healing crystals can now only be bought online.  As well as being our business these natural curiosities are also our passion.  The lure of rocks and minerals is common to people from every civilisation across the planet, they're universally recognised and we all have our own reasons for being drawn to them.  Some are widely believed to have healing properties that can bring about a change on a physical, emotional or spiritual level and this belief has been around for many thousands of years.  The word crystals or healing crystals has long been used to describe these stones because for those that are crystalline, that's exactly what they are.  It's important to note however that not all mineral-like solids are crystalline.

These natural materials which are the building blocks of our planet are wonderfully magnificent and have intrigued and fascinated man since the dawn of time.  They're mentioned in the texts of many major religions, have been used for millennia in rituals and ceremonies and were highly regarded by the Ancient Egyptians.  Whatever your reason for being drawn to them, if rocks, minerals and healing crystals are an integral part of your everyday life you'll kick yourself for not having found us sooner.



 small group of rocks and minerals